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5 Steps to Happiness


Happiness is something that we all have control of, believe it or not!

I'm not talking about the type of happiness portrayed in adverts, films or even on social media. The type of happiness we are made to feel is the ideal, the goal, the 'Nirvana' we should aspire to.

It's easy to look at a digital version of happiness and feel that our lives don't quite measure up, and so subconsciously we come to the conclusion that we are living our lives devoid of it.

I say subconsciously because what we actually feel is that we are not quite good enough - not achieving enough, not having enough, not giving enough.

The issue is that we are looking outside of ourselves for happiness. We are waiting for it to come along and be granted to us, so that we can feel worthy of being happy, when all the time it was right there inside you all along.

Here are 5 small steps in the right direction that, when employed on a regular basis, will help you to focus your gaze inwards and realise that happiness was right there all along.


1. It's ok to feel angry, jealous, upset etc... -

You are human after all, just don't hold onto that feeling.

2. Mistakes are necessary, in order to grow -

No-one ever truly moved forward without stumbling along the way.

3. Don't be afraid to speak you own truth -

Your feelings are as valid as the next person's.

4. Understand that the idea of control is an illusion -

Your best is good enough.

5. Just do you -

Embrace yourself without judgement


Get back to being you ~ Natasha x

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