Natasha Clifford
Natasha Clifford Dhp Acc.Hyp.

Usui Reiki Practitioner

Nationally Registered Psychic and Spiritual Healer (JCPF and BAHA)

Pyschic Medium

Sound Therapist



I have been sensitive to energies around me all my life but it was not until I married, had children and settled into my career that I began my spiritual journey. 


 After suffering a brain illness and cancer in 2006, I felt the need to reflect on my life’s purpose and aim for more balance in my lifestyle. I spent the next 4 years focusing upon my recovery and striving for harmony in my life.


 It was in 2010 that I dedicated myself to my path in earnest and became part of a group called ’Wonder Women’.  There I took part in many workshops and was privy to guest lecturers, regarding  a range of ‘other worldly’ interests.


Over the next 3 years, I immersed myself in all sorts of spiritual pursuits, ranging from astrology to past life regression, ghost hunting to shamanic drumming and mental and physical mediumship.


In 2011, I completed my first and second Reiki degrees. Alongside this I developed my psychic awareness, for the next 2 years under the tutor-ledge of Tony Ashenden. During this period, I  attended healer workshops which eventually evolved into being part of the current JCPF Healer Training Programme that I embarked upon in 2013. 


18 months later, I achieved full healer,  gold level status, which enabled me to practise as a nationally registered healer and began demonstrating the positive effects of healing publicly, alongside my teacher Tony Ashenden.

In June 2017, I became a Reiki Master and by December, of the same year, I achieved Advance Reiki Master/Teacher status. It was in February of 2018 that I followed the guidance of my spirit team and took the leap of faith, that saw me leave my post as a Primary School Teacher so I could dedicate myself to my service of Spirit, on a full time basis. In March 2019 I completed my Sound Therapy Diploma and in February 2020, after training for 5 years, with Hypnotic World, undertaking in depth study of regression, past-life regression and The Hypnotic Gastric Band, I became a hypnotherapist and a member of The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association.

At The Sanctuary I currently offer 4 types of Reiki, Energy Healing and a blend of the two (That are suitable for adults, children and those with special needs) and a Reiki Detox. I offer Sound Therapy sessions and sound baths and Hypnotherapy, dealing with a wide range of issues. Alongside that I also offer Intuitive Insight Readings, on a 1:1 and group basis.

I now feel that I have achieved the balance I was looking for between my family life and my spiritual path.