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Natasha Clifford
Natasha Clifford Dhp Acc.Hyp.

Usui Reiki Practitioner

Nationally Registered Psychic and Spiritual Healer (JCPF and BAHA)

Pyschic Medium

Sound Therapist


Colour Prism Healing Practitioner

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I have been sensitive to energies around me all my life but it was not until I married, had children and settled into my career that I began my spiritual journey. 


 After suffering a brain illness and cancer in 2006, I felt the need to reflect on my life’s purpose and aim for more balance in my lifestyle. I spent the next 4 years focusing upon my recovery and striving for harmony in my life.


 It was in 2010 that I dedicated myself to my path in earnest and became part of a group called ’Wonder Women’.  There I took part in many workshops and was privy to guest lecturers, regarding  a range of ‘other worldly’ interests.


Over the next 3 years, I immersed myself in all sorts of spiritual pursuits, ranging from astrology to past life regression, ghost hunting to shamanic drumming and mental and physical mediumship.


In 2011, I completed my first and second Reiki degrees. Alongside this I developed my psychic awareness, for the next 2 years under the tutor-ledge of Tony Ashenden. During this period, I  attended healer workshops which eventually evolved into being part of the current JCPF Healer Training Programme that I embarked upon in 2013. 


18 months later, I achieved full healer,  gold level status, which enabled me to practise as a nationally registered healer and began demonstrating the positive effects of healing publicly, alongside my teacher Tony Ashenden.

In June 2017, I became a Reiki Master and by December, of the same year, I achieved Advance Reiki Master/Teacher status. It was in February of 2018 that I followed the guidance of my spirit team and took the leap of faith, that saw me leave my post as a Primary School Teacher so I could dedicate myself to my service of Spirit, on a full time basis. In March 2019 I completed my Sound Therapy Diploma and in February 2020, after training for 5 years, with Hypnotic World, undertaking in depth study of regression, past-life regression and The Hypnotic Gastric Band, I became a hypnotherapist and a member of The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association. 

Between June 2019 and August 2020, I undertook the interesting new challenge of studying a newly created and very powerful healing modality, called Colour Prism Healing, with Wendy Townsend (creator and founder). This new form of healing was very different to anything that I'd done before but hugely exciting. The Covid-19 pandemic hit right towards the end of my study period but the distant form of the modality proved very useful during lock-down! I have now completed modules 1, 2 and 3.

At The Sanctuary I currently offer 4 types of Reiki, Energy Healing and a blend of the two (That are suitable for adults, children and those with special needs) and a Reiki Detox. I offer Sound Therapy sessions and sound baths both in groups and on a 1:1 basis, Colour Prism and Multi-Modal Healing (incorporating all of my healing styles and Hypnotherapy, dealing with a wide range of issues. Alongside that I also offer Intuitive Insight Readings, on a 1:1 and group basis.

I now feel that I have achieved the balance I was looking for between my family life and my spiritual path.

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