All workshops happen periodically. If you are interested in a workshop, please contact me to find out when the next workshop is planned and you can be added to the list.
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Meet Your Guides Meditation - £10 - 2 hours

During this guided meditation, you will be creating a sacred space, within you, where you have the opportunity to meet the guide/guardian  that you are most in need of connecting with, at this time
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Crystal Waterfall Healing Meditation - £10 - 2 hours

This guided meditation takes you on a sacred journey to the crystal waterfall. Once there, your energy system with be cleansed and your spirit guide will bestow you with a crystal. On returning to consciousness, myself and my spirit team will identify it and convey its relevance to you and/or your current situation
Dry Roses and Diary

Akashic Journey Guided Meditation - £10 - 2 hours

The Akashic Journey meditation allows you to access the Akashic Records, in order to answer a question that you devise before the session. This journey will lead you to the answers and give your guides the opportunity to pass on information that is vital for your growth as a being.
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Vision Boarding Workshop - £15 - 3 hours

In this workshop, you will be learning what a vision board is and how it can best be utilised ton manifest what you want, need and value in your life
This 3 hour workshop will guide you in focusing upon what your inner self is in need of, how to create and use your boards for manifestation, what step s you can take right now and how to deal with any blockages that may limit the transformation
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Sound Bath Session - £10 - 1 hour (runs every 6 weeks)

This workshop takes place both at The Sanctuary and virtually via Zoom. Spaces here are limited and run on a first come, first serve basis
Utilising crystal singing bowls, you spend the time being bathed in healing sound vibration
Each bowl is attuned to the vibration of each of the chakras and are believed to be the best sound to stimulate brainwaves
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Healing Share - £10 - 2 hours (runs every 6 weeks)

The healing share is open to my students, anyone interested in becoming a student,  as well as anyone who has undertaken a healing course, of any description or modality
During the share, you will have the opportunity to both undertake and receive healing and, if time allows, take part in a meditation